Free 3 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress Website

Now a days we all looking forward for best result for anything. Without proper support that is impossible for all of us. A blogger try  to many way to bring visitor in his blog. But without proper analytic tools, it is very difficult for him to know in what article his visitors are interested and exactly what are they looking most. For this reason a blogger or a web page owner need analytic tools. An analytic tools informed him that specific information/keyword that he can increase his visitor to his site or blog.

Here today we focus on free 3 best google analytics plugins for wordpress website…


1)  Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights


Monsterinsights is a most popular Pluglins for wordpress user to speed up their website or blog. This plugin have over two million active installation due to its  performance. That plugins have granular traking capabilities. Its tracks links-internal, outbound and affiliate, file downloads, as well as eCommerce sales. Monsterinsights give you the access to connect your website to google analytics. This way you can see how many visitor visit your website and what they looking for. As a result you can put the article what visitor need and can increase your visitor to your website. Its simplicity makes it popular to the wordpress user. Monsterinsights give you the access to take full advantage of all the powerful google analytics features such as custom dimensions. file download tracking, outbound link tracking, events tracking, performance tracking and more.


2) Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics 


Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress is 100% free plugin for WP users. It’s a technology partner of Google Analytics. It have a lot of feature for users. While installing it automatically installs the tracking code on each page of your site and allows you to view wedged reports featuring key stats from your dashboard. Its feature help you to turn on outbound link tracking, exclude certain user roles from tracking, create custom dimensions, add the google tag manager code. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Let you know from your dashboard that how many people on your site and what channel user  come from and traffic source specifics. So know all of this you can easily make your blog very popular.


3) GA Google Analytics


GA Google Analytics is very simple and very lightweight than any other analytics plugin.It is  very easy to add your website. If anybody need only marketing than it is the right plugin. After installation It installs the tracing code on each page of web page. One best part of that is admin user are tracked by this plugin. anybody can also enable other feature like universal analytics, display analytics, Link attribution, Ip anonymization. This plugin does not collect any user data.








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