Free top 3 most activation donation plugin for WordPress

Do you want to accept donations on your WordPress site? Then you need one of these WordPress donation plugins!

No matter if you’re a non-profit looking to run full-on fundraising campaigns or a blogger looking for a simple solution to accept donations, you can probably find a plugin that works for you on this list. You’ll even find an option that can help you set up your own crowdfunding website like Kickstarter!

1. Give – Donation wp free plugin for WordPress

Give The free WordPress donation plugin includes slick donation forms, full-featured reporting, complete donor management,Multi Payment System and the possibility to integrate with any of your favorite theme or page builders. Like I said before, most organizations won’t need more than this.

In the free core plugin, you can:

  • Recurring donations
  • Form field manager
  • Fee recovery
  • Tributes
  • PDF receipts
  • Multiple payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and
  • Google Analytics donation tracking
  • Zapier
  • Manual donations
  • Many more

However, you could consider one of the add-on starting at $15 per month or pay for add-ons individually.


2. PayPal Donations – Donation wp free plugin for WordPress

We recommend PayPal donations for anyone who enjoys the simplicity of PayPal products. Everything from PayPal can be used by beginners, and it doesn’t have any problem growing with your organization.

The plugin gives you a simple interface to generate a basic PayPal donation button. All you do is:

  • Enter your PayPal account email
  • Choose your currency
  • Enter a default donation amount (optional)
  • Choose your button style

Then, you can display your PayPal donation button on the frontend of your site via either a shortcode or a widget.

So…nothing crazy. But if all you need is a basic PayPal donate button, this one definitely fits the bill in a lightweight package.


3. Charitable – Donation Plugin

Charitable – Donation a free WordPress donation plugin with support for geolocation, simple updates, videos, user avatars, anonymous donations, and even one year of premium support. The developers ask that you pay what you want so you have the option to support the plugin or grab it for free.

In the free plugin, you can:

  • Create unlimited fundraising campaigns
  • Set up end dates for time-sensitive campaigns
  • Create donation goals
  • Provide suggested donation amounts or allow people to enter a custom donation (or both)
  • Manage donations from your WordPress dashboard
  • Send various email notifications to donors
  • Through the premium add-ons, you can also add functionality for:Recurring donations
    More payment gateways, including Stripe and
    Crowdfunding campaigns to allow people to raise money for their own cause (kind of like GoFundMe)
    Better newsletter management
    Lots more

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