Free Top 3 WordPress Caching Plugins to Speed Up Your Website

There is a lot of useful plugins for WordPress users. Chaching Plugins is one of them. Cache plugins make faster your website to viewing for the viewer. When anybody brows to see your website than computer take a lot of time to processing his request because before presenting the webpage, computer runs several others steps. That is why it makes your website loading slow. Caching Plugins makes your website to visible faster way to the visitor instead of your website going though whole page generation process always by skipping a lot of steps. After the first load your plugins make a copy of the page and show that checked version to every users,

Below we discuss free top 3 wordpress Caching Plugins for your information…………….


1. WP Supper Cache



WP Supper Cache ia a most popular Caching Plugins for wordpress user.This plugins have more than one million active plugins. If you brows for best Cache plugins than you will see that WP Supper Cache Plugin will be the top of the list. It happens because WP Supper cache Contain all recommended caching features which needed to speed up any website. It also contains gzip compression, page cache, cache pre-loading,CDN suppot advanced cache preload and more. WP Supper cache worked very nice way. It worked three way

1) Simple: This method is most popular method of file caching because you need not to edit PHP files and the htaccess file does not need to be configured.

2) This method need to edit your htaccess file but this is the fasted caching method :to deliver cached HTML files to viewer..

3).WP Super Caching: This method is slightly slower than other method because its used to chche paged for known users. But This is very flexible caching method.



2. W3 Total Cache



W3 Total Cache Plugin has over a millions viewer , So Its a very Favorite Cache Plugins to the wordpress users, Mainly it is very comfortable plugins for the beginners. Its have a ton of option which makes it comfortable for beginners. If  you want set up your wordpress cache properly than install W3 Total Cache because it contain all of the feature that you need. It contain page cache, Object cache,gzip compression, limited minification support, CDN support and more.W3 Total cache plugin is a total free Plugin.This plugin is very helpful to improve web server performance and reduce page load time.


3. WP Fastest Cache


Wp Fastest Cache is a respective cache due to some unique feature that it contain. All of the feature are similar like other ceche. Like other ceching plugin, it also creates static HTML and CSS files from wordpress site. Free version also have browser caching and gzip tools,It is know by all that WP Fastest Cache used for speed up a website and improved website performance. For easy setting this cache is liked by all.

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