Top 4 Free Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder Plugins

If  anybody want to make any dynamic website than he/she must used wordpress program. wordpgress makes website making to easy  . For this reason a  huge people like and used wordpress program for web site making.

If we want to create a  wordopress  website than there is a lot of plugin which we can use for make a website easy. Page Builder is one of them .Page Builder is lifeline to huge kind of user of wordpress.


There is a lot of Page Builder plugin . Here below  some free top most pag builder describe for wordpress user….


 1. Elementor Live Page Builder (Free)

Elementor Page Builder is a unique and advance page Builder. An elementor page builder full page templates exist in elementor page builder. Anybody can choose and customize it as his own. Elementor’s  user can enjoy a lot of facilities like they can build a website more than faster than other page builder. It comes with unlimited design and live facilities. At a time a person can build a design and can watch his design same time. There is a 100+ beautiful layout options execute you to easily change everything from section width and height, to column and content position, as well as padding and margin settings.
One best part of that all of third party widget and plugin are automatically available for your page and also that is great news for all that this exclusive page builder is totally free of cost for you.

2. Page Builder by SiteOrigin (Free)


Page Builder By Site Origin is comfortable to use for beginner. This page builder is absolutely free for wordpress user. Page Builder By Site Origin Plug-in is most popular page builder for wordpress. This page builder content a huge widget which is needed every wordpress user .  It give you every freedom to choose any kind of theme to work with this page builder. Page builder by site origin comes with history tools which means  its allow you to switch back and undo/redo changes that you make. It also means anybody can easily changes his themes anytime without any fear. For all of this reason Page Builder by site Origin got more than one million active install.

3.  WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder


Beaver Builder  is an another page builder for wordpress user. It contain a lot of facilities for its user. WordPress user can easily use this page builder for any kind of theme and developed their site with beaver builder future. Both armature and Professional can able to use that page that easily cause it is very flexible. Anybody can make full-width, column-based layouts with that page builder. It content lightweight and excellent markup for its maximum performance. Best of the part of that it mobile-friendly and responsive layout. Everybody can easily can add his own CSS Classes if needed. Easily usable wordpress widgets and short codes and  can work with pages, Posts and Custom Post type.

4. King Composer

King Composer is the best page builder for huge wordpress user.It content a lot of facilities for its user.In free drag and drop page builder word, king composer gives a lot of opportunities to make a unique web page  and development the site. One can create and organize his content by adding rows, columns, and elements. One great feature that sets this builder apart from much of the competition is that pages built with King Composer will remain intact even if you deactivate or delete the plugin.

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