top 5 most used WordPress Plugins To Detect Malicious Code In Your Site

WordPress is also one of the most popular platforms for website creation. So This is the main reason why WordPress has become a lucrative target for hackers and potential abusers. They always try to apply different techniques and approaches to gain access to the WordPress site. To save your website from such attacks it is necessary that your website should have a reliable security wall.

However, WordPress contains multiple Themes and Plugins. Some of them are free while some are paid. Sometimes these Themes are actually uploaded by people who have tweaked them for their own gain.

The early malware detection technology helps prevent blacklisting of your websites by Google or from being blocked by web hosts. MalCare could successfully detect complex malware that goes undetected in other popular plugins.

So if those malevolent intruders get a hold of your site, you can kiss your reputation goodbye. However, there are many top WP plugin that can help you secure your website and bid farewell to hazardous softwares once and for all. Here they are:

1. Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC)

One of the most reliable anti-virus plugins, TAC helps you search every suspicious file to avoid any damage to your website. It does it by listing the malicious files along with the theme file, line number and snippet of the code.

Once you get this information, you can then contact the author of the theme and communicate information regarding the file. This plugin enables you to quickly check any unwanted codes for the scan so that you can prevent your website from any risk.


2. Exploit Scanner

Exploit Scanner scans all the files, posts, comments, database and other sections of your website to find out any suspicious or malevolent code.It also monitors the existing and newly installed plugins to detect any unusual or misleading file name.

When using Exploit Scanner, remember that it will not prevent your site from a hacker’s attack and it won’t remove any suspicious files from your WordPress website. In fact, it provides a detailed report to the site administrator.WP


3. Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

Sucuri is the best plugin when you want to do a complete scan of your website. This plugin contains a range of features that you can use to secure your website. Security Activity Monitoring is one such feature that keeps a check on all the events of your WordPress website. The tool records every minute changes that your website undergoes.

The plugin also features a Remote Security Malware Scanning system which lets you know about any malware that might affect your website in future. Apart from a paid version, Sucuri is also available for free. However, the free version has limited features which make it ineffective for big businesses.


4. Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

Anti-Malware is a direct competitor of Sucuri. It allows you to run a complete security check and get rid of any known security threat as well as backdoor scripts. The firewall can prevent SoakSoak and other black-listed viruses from spoiling your website. You can even upgrade it to vulnerable versions to fight against timthumb scripts.

Just remember to download Definition Updates so you can fight new threats.

However, you must download definition updates to keep synchronizing it to fight with newer threats. With premium version, you can block Brute-Force and DDoS attacks by integrating your wp-login and XMLRPC.

In addition, you can even register to GOTMLS.NET and avail more features, such as Automatic Removal that will automatically stop any suspicious program from entering your website.

5. BulletProof Security

Bulletproof Security Plugin in another very popular WordPress security Plugin that protects your sites against 100,000 attacks. Also, it offers security against all CSRF, Base64, XSS, RFI, SQL Injection, and Code Injection hacking trials.

Bulletproof Security includes another useful maintenance feature that allows developers to put up a “503 under maintenance” page while the site-owner works on their website.

It uses .htaccess files for security which makes it impossible for any suspicious script to malfunction the system, even before they get a chance to reach the PHP code in WordPress. This plugin ensures effective optimization of the performance of your website and protects it from any potential threats.


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